Video – Trachycarpus fortunei & Trachycarpus takil in Habitat

Canarius | Tuesday February 22nd, 2011 |

A lovely video with pictures by Alexander Nijman and Asian music, published in Youtube by Innes54. The title is:

Himalayan Windmill Palms in the Wild

Trachycarpus is a genus of cold-hardy palms native to Asia. The video shows them in habitat in the steepest hills of the world. The beautiful pictures show two species: Trachycarpus fortunei and Trachycarpus takil.

The description in youtube says:

“Himalayan Windmill palms grow in a disconnected grove across the Himalayan orogeny in a transect of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, Mekong and Chang rivers, on almost inaccessible slopes and ridges of four of the deepest, wildest canyons on earth. Some of the region remains unknown to the hands and feet of man. This is a rare look at some of these palms in the wild.

Music: Snow Wears Down the Mountain, scored for Indian and Chinese traditional instruments and string orchestra, based on two pentatonic scales. “

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Trachycarpus takil vs m12

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Louie Stone

I love seeing the Trachycarpus Takil and Fortunei in their natural habitats. The strange thing is that in the wild they will only withstand -10º C while in some places in Europe, for example Bulgaria, they have survived extreme lows of temperatures below -20º C. A great palm to start with. Just as a side note: this palm tree is not from the Canary Islands like the Phoenix Canariensis, as mentioned in the video description.