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Coffea arabica, coffee from the plant to your cup

Canarius | Thursday March 5th, 2015 |

coffea-arabica-local-canarian-cafeto-coffee Would you like to have freshly made coffee at home? If you are a born lover of this popular drink, obtained from ground and toasted seeds, Coffea arabica could be the greatest discovery for you. Well-known as plant of coffee, it deals of a bush, coming from rubiaceae’s family from countries like Ethiopy or Yemen. Coffea arabica is the best species focused on coffee growing, obtained from its toasted seeds. This natural product, which is worldwide commercialised, contains properties that are both diuretic and stimulant. Moreover, its principal component (caffeine) is clearly an exciting substance for our central nervous system (psychic and neuromuscular). One of the most well-known tale about the discovery of coffee (the third more beverage consumed by people, after water and tea) is the story about a shepherd and his goats. In the moment when the flock started being more active, the man discovered that the animals had ingested small, round and red fruits, similar to small cherries. Coffea-Arabica-pictureCoffee arabica‘s fruit is a kind of berry with round shape and a pulpy lining. During its ripening, it becomes green to yellow and then red. These small fruits contain less caffeine than other species sold worldwide. We see for ourselves, during its flowering, the flowers are gathered around in bouquet under the leafs. The flowers of this plant of coffee are white with five petals, simulating a star. Its smell is too similar to gardenias. With regard to its cultivation, it should be pointed out that the land with volcanic ash is the best one to get good quality of bean, as well as light and stable temperatures. That is why we can find this sort of rubiaceae (Coffea arabica) in the Canary Islands. Such as in our cultivated field, located in Macizo de Anaga (Tenerife). In this sense, with luck and patience, you will be able to get your own homemade coffee, toasting the seeds in the oven. Do not forget that in our online store, Canarius, we offer a branched plant and ready to blom and fruit in a year or so.