Nuts of the Macadamia tree

Canarius | Thursday March 19th, 2015 |


Macadamia tetraphylla is an excellent Australian nut, able to grow in coastal Meditarranean climates, subtropical climates and tropical climates. Some of other common names are: Poppel nut, Prickly macadamia or Rough-shelled queensland nut. food-crop-macadamia The leaves are quite ornamental, deep green with serrated margins. Flushes of juvenile foliage are yellow, red or maroon for a while. It has long, pendent creamy pink to purple flowers, followed by woody rounded fruits that contain the edible nut. Macadamia nuts provides cardiovascular benefits and attributes due to the presence of the fatty acids Omega-3 (healthy fats which help our nervous system). Furthermore, in order to enjoy an optimal and normal level of cholesterol, it is essential to maintain a care lifestyle with healthy diets. maca flowersThat’s why, we could include all sort of nuts in those diets, such as Macadamia nuts. Above all, because its nutrients have a high content in healthy fats. To sum up, a balanced consumption of these food crops could help so that “bad cholesterol” in the blood was reduced to recommended levels. The expensive, sought after nuts are a real delicacy, ripen before Christmas. Macadamia nuts are the only edible crop in the Proteaceae family and also the first modern Australian native food crop.  And as we have already stated, Macadamia nuts contain approximately 86% of monounsaturated fatty acids, known to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

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