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24 Canarius | Tuesday March 21st, 2017 |

Plants and flowers have an important role in our homes decoration. From Canarius we offer a great variety of exotic plants of the Canary Islands, very difficult to buy in garden stores.

In addition, this type of plants are a claim among collectors for their rarity or ornamental qualities (lush foliage, colorful flowers or very unusual forms).

One of the peculiarities is their ability to adapt to temperature and humidity, in addition to purifying the air. However, this “autonomy” is limited, since we, while taking care of them, must consider parameters such as light, irrigation, fertilization or space.

On the other hand, they are ideal for decorating facades and gardens, choosing the right place, pruning, and cleaning or watering them.

“Exotic plants can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on their characteristics”


At Canarius we offer Europe’s largest selection of the genus Cycas, who are considered “living fossils” whose study has allowed to understand the plants that are already extinct. This genus has about 90 species, mainly in Australia and Indochina, although we can also find them in other areas like Polynesia or Madagascar. No true Cycas occur in Africa and America (but yes other related “cycads” grow there!).

Similar in appearance to palm trees, the genus Cycas is characterized by having a woody stem without branches or little branched and with live foliage near the apex.

One of the most special and attractive is Cycas tanqingii, native to the forests of Yunnan, China and northern Vietnam. Its appearance of short trunk and open crown culminate in elegant bright leaves, with fuzzy reddish petioles.


On the other hand we have  Cycas hainanensis, native to China and characteristic for its erect stem, leaves > 150 cm and 16 cm base. Each leaf is composed of 100-280 pairs of lanceolate flakes, with slightly curved margins, making this a spectacular plant.


In our online store, you will find all these species and more of these kinds. Canarius offers a great selection of plants grown outdoors and with the sun of the Canary Islands. Our plants are never collected in the wild – all legally produced and marketed. All species follow legal CITES standards.

 If you want to know how cycas grow, click here and find out.

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